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Valdespino Sherry Vinegar

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Valdespino cask-aged sherry vinegar is a sweet, complex vinegar made at a family-run vinegar-house in Jerez. The Valdespino story dates back to 1264, when Don Alfonso Valdespino fought alongside King Alonso to reclaim the city of Jerez from the Moors. Don Alfonso Valdespino was rewarded with land in Jerez which has cultivated grapes ever since ‰ÛÒ of such good quality that the Valdespino estate is the purveyors of sherry to the Royal House of Spain and even the Royal House of Sweden.

The Valdespino cask-aged sherry vinegar is a blend of older and younger vinegars, which have aged in barrels, infusing them with rich wood notes. Use a splash of sherry vinegar to deglaze roasting tins after cooking meat. Also use sherry vinegar in light dressings, fish marinades, and even when poaching fruit such as cherries, plums and pears.

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